Shots on a Wednesday?

What’s your go-to shooter when you’re out with friends? Tequila? Something sweet? Or something to knock you over? See how it has evolved over the years….

Even though the first one mentioned in print came from the NY Times in the 1940’s, shots have been around long before that.

According to wikipedia, the shot, or a drink of alcohol, has been around since the 17th Century.

Jumping ahead a bit, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s saw a surge of strange and wildly named drinks and shots to compete with the psychedelic drugs. Which explains some of those oddly named shooters!

Why Is It Called a Shot?

…It can be compared to a shot of medicine. Makes me think of Mary Poppins…rrrum punch.

…In early America, a tiny glass sat upon the dinner table. What was this little glass for?  Well, the meat you were served could very well still have a buckshot or lead shot still lodged in it. If you found one whilst eating, remove it and put it in the glass. Shot glass!

…Friedrich Otto Schott, the co-founder of the glassworks factory Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Genossen invented this type of glass. It came to America and of course became Americanized. Schott Glas to Shot Glass!

…Over 100 years ago, when writing quills were being used, lead shot pooled in the bottom of a tiny glass. When not in use, you would rest your quill in the liquid lead. Hmm shot glass!

Specialty Shots

Now, what about those jell-o shots? Those are relatively new, right? Check Jerry Thomas’ How To Mix Drinks. Enter 22 in the page box and you will be quite surprised! The recipe book was printed in 1862.

In the same book, a drink that was lit on fire,  the Blue Blazer , is first mentioned and the rest is history. Bartenders push the limits lighting all sorts of drinks on fire.

A Few Favorites

Kamikaze…1976…..Vodka, triple sec and lime juice.

If you like layered drinks, a B-52…1977…considered to originate in Calgary, AB…coffee liqueur, Irish cream and orange flavoured liqueur.

Buttery Nipple…1980’s…mentioned in the song, Shots, by Pitbull…butterscotch ripple and Irish cream. Sounds delightful!

My all time favorite is actually the very first shot I tried… a China White. Equal parts Creme de Cacao and Baileys, layered in that order. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. If you like lush, please do indulge in one.

Another lush shot is the Polar Bear. White Creme de Cacao and white Creme de Menthe. Shake with ice and pour. And pour some more.

The varieties are endless!

Happy National Shot Day! If you’re so inclined to celebrate it today!

Posted by Kim Ratclife-Doe on November 8, 2017.