New Age of Christmas Craft Markets


“Due to covid” has become the explanation to any new measures taken and everyone will nod with understanding. 

Christmas markets used to be held in churches, rec halls maybe an arena, if it’s large enough. 

Things are a-changin!

How about a pub?

Pubs are allowed to be open.

While that privilege is alive, Moroni’s Pub in Ganonoque, has graciously opened its doors to local crafters for the 2020 Christmas season, for the next few Saturdays until Dec 19.

Being one of the vendors, I met some local artisans: great down-to-earth people.

Travel ByThe Glass department was not able to sample any beverages since her partner-in-crime, Kay’s Creations, was on site with her weekend Kia rental. 

No drinking and driving! But the home made pizza was delish!

We will return December 19 for another market day and, with a designated driver on hand, the sampling shall commence!

A big thank you to the ladies involved in organizing this great event!

See you soon, cheers!

Posted on November 28, 2020 by Kim Ratcliffe-Doe