Do You Know Your Wine By Color?

What Color Is The Wine?

Quiz Answers:

Along with the answers, I’ve noted the tannins for those who don’t like it’s effects for either taste or due to an allergic reaction to it, as well as acidity levels.

How did you do?

Barbera – red, low tannins, high acid

Beaujolais – red, very low in tannins

Bordeaux – red, high tannins

Burgundy – red, low in tannins

Cabernet Franc – red, high tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon – red, high tannins, low acidity

Carmenere – red, high tannins

Chardonnay – white, low acidity

Chenin Blanc – white

Chianti – red

Dolcetto – red, low in tannins, low in acidity

Gamay – red, low in tannins

Grenache – red


Madeira – red, sometimes white

Malbec – red, high tannins, low acidity

Marsala – red or white

Marsanne – white, low acidity

Merlot – red, high tannins, low acidity

Moscato – white or pink

Nebbiolo – red, high tannins

Petit Sirah – red, high tannins

Petit Verdot – red

Pinot Grigio – white

Pinot Noir – red, low tannins

Port – red

Riesling – white

Rioja – red, low in tannin

Rose – pink

Sake – white

Sancerre – red and pink

Sangiovese – red, low in tannins

Sauvignon blanc – white

Semillon – white, low acidity

Sherry – white

Shiraz – red

Sparkling – white or pink

Syrah – red

Tempranillo – red, very low tannins

Viognier – white, low acidity

Zinfandel – a trick because it can be either a red or a white

Then The Harder Ones

Agiorgitikko red (Greek)

Auxerrois – French white

Blaufrankisch – Austrian red, high tannin

Gewurztraminer – white, low acidity

Godello – Spanish white

Gruner Veltliner – Austrian white

Lagrein – Italian red

Muscadelle – French white

Negrette – French red

Romorantin – French white

Schiava – red (not found at LCBO but can be purchased online)

Touriga Nacional – red (Portugese), full bodied so high in tannins.

Worth Noting:

White wines tend to be higher in acid levels especially ones from Europe and Canada, a cool climate region.

Warm climates produce low acid wines such as California, Argentina, Australia