How To Get Over a Broken Heart In 3 Easy(?) Steps

What does this have to do with travel or even beverages, you ask?

I agree, it seems a little off topic.

Think of it this way…..

You could be away at a wonderful travel destination, somewhere exotic,  or just close to home when you happen to be in tourist mode.

A chance meeting.

Or you stumble upon someone special in the vintage vino section.

At some point it leads to a beverage. Even coffee.

Share a bottle of wine.

Two whirlwind weeks pass by.

You fall in love.

This fling, this inpromptu affair, lasts your entire vacation or longer.

Then, ultimately, your heart gets broken. Regardless of how far away your vacation took you, promises might have been made.

It will still be a sting when you get dropped.

You might turn to drink in your sorrow, too. (Another way this is not necessarily totally off topic.)

That’s the connection to this beverage-based website. My theory.

Everyone responds and reacts differently to the end of love.

I’ve gone through this enough times to have this almost perfected. (Not the falling-in-love-on-vacation part, just the falling in love and getting hurt.)

The aftermath is never easy, as the title would suggest, but I, personally, find it easier to get back on track with my life by doing the following:

1. CRY

Take 1 day for a good cry. Get it out of your system. Some may need 2 days for this. That’s ok. Acknowledge it. Don’t stash it under the rug to avoid your feelings. Talk to someone, maybe you have a trusted go-to person for matters of the heart, and do your crying through that conversation.

If it takes you a week, including a couple days for moping, allow yourself that, but NO MORE. I take 3 or 4 days, depending on how “in love” I felt I was, to pick myself up and face the world with a smile.


During your sorrow-filled days, figure out why this person came into your life. What were you supposed to learn or what did you learn from him, or her? This person was put in your path for a reason, right? What is that reason?

Some possible reasons: To learn patience, to learn to not to have a few drinks and express your feelings (at the wrong drunken moment) or perhaps to learn how to communicate better. Maybe it was to realize the importance of family or friends. It could be anything as simple as to introduce you to a person who will play an important role in your life. Dig deep, you’ll find it.

Even if a reason seems lame, use it. You will have better closure. Hey, if you’re lucky enough to have been told (honestly) why they broke up with you, you will have a head start.


Now dust yourself off and continue with your life, your hobbies (maybe find a new one: take a dance or art class; try a new sport). And, of course, include time with your friends. Seek out those feel-good ones. They will help you bounce back. You’ll soon meet someone new and you can apply that “Reason Why” you discovered and apply this to the next one by not making the same mistake. Hopefully, you won’t have to use Steps 1 & 2 ever again. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Men, since you are my opposite sex, I cannot say for sure if this method would work for you but I’d like to think it would. I’ve seen my sons go through their share of broken hearts and I believe it is helpful for them as well.

May you always find the strength in yourself to persevere.


Published by Kim Ratcliffe-Doe on January 13, 2018

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