Travelling Do’s and Don’ts In Barbados

Travelling to Barbados?

Don’t wear camouflauge! It is illegal for anyone to wear it except for their own military servicemen.

Don’t go near the Machineel Fruit. It is apparently highly toxic, even if you are standing under it’s tree while it is raining. Your skin will blister, at the very least and cause blindness if you rub it accidentally in your eye. Some of the trees are marked with a sign or a red ring but not all of them. Be aware of what they look like beforehand.

Don’t sit under a coconut tree. You never know when one might come hurtling down at you.

The safest place to swim is either on the south or west side beaches. The east coast is very dangerous, leave this side to the professionals.

Topless is a no-no, ladies Public nudity is against the law. Beach wear should be worn at the beach or the pool. Dress appropriately anywhere else.

The Bugs. Bring insect repellent, lots of it! Oh, and the centipedes bite.

To the left, to the left…when driving anyway. It’s on the left hand side.

If you visit and discover any other little taboos, drop me a line.

Happy Travels!